Nigel Ball


  • Norfolk
  • England

Nigel began his shooting career with a service rifle whilst serving in the Royal Navy. He enjoyed many successful years in this environment, winning the Queen’s Medal and representing Great Britain on numerous occasions.

Target rifle shooting took second place until 1984 since when he has been a regular at the Imperial meeting at Bisley. In that time, he has been in the final of HM the Queen’s prize 19 times, winning the Silver Medal in 2003, and collected 18 Grand Aggregate crosses, including the Gold Cross in 2008 and the Silver Cross in 2007

His first GB target rifle team was to Canada in 1991 and he has toured with 16 other GB teams since. His tours include visits to Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa and USA as well as Australia (in 1997, and again in 2005 when he was Vice-Captain).

Despite his individual successes, as befits a man who has served for Queen and Country, Nigel enjoys shooting big team matches most. With 42 'Big 5 appearances to his name, this is his 3rd GB Palma team (he shot in 2003 and was Adjutant in 2007) and he ranks them as the ultimate team shooting experience, although any chance to represent his country is an honour he will readily accept.