Matthew Charlton


  • London
  • Scotland

Matt started shooting at RGS Guildford but, by his own admission, only occasionally shoots acceptably. Coaching is his main strength and was his role on previous GB, Scotland and club tours to Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. This is his 6th GB tour, but his first to Australia (although he did tour Australia with Scotland in 2000). He has coached GB to wins in America, Palma, Protea, Kolapore and New Zealand matches in the past 5 years. 

He is Captain-elect of Scotland, for whom he has 31 National and Mackinnon appearances under his belt. As the lone Scotsman on the team, if you see him smiling on the range, it will likely stem from Scotland’s repeat win in the National Match earlier this year. Last year was their first win in the match since 1965 (before Matt was born) and they had not won two in a row since 1900!

An Oxford graduate, his work is as an institutional stockbroker. He rows competitively, racing at Henley last year, and enjoys cycling, skiing and snowboarding when there’s time. He has spent a total of 10 weeks of his life in Australia, the vast majority of which has been accompanied by torrential rain; so he is praying for some dry weather for a change this time (and after last year in Belmont and this year at Bisley, so are we all! – Ed.)