Tom Rylands


  • Cheshire
  • England

Tom learned to shoot at Shrewsbury School and Birmingham University, since when he has completed 30 consecutive Imperial meetings at Bisley. In that time, he has collected 14 Queen’s final badges and 13 Grand Aggregate crosses, including the Silver Cross in 2002.

This is his 7th tour with GB and his 2nd to Australia, having toured previously in 1997. He has 33 ‘Big 5’ appearances to date for England and GB, and shot in the 1999 and 2003 Palma Matches. He was also the highest scorer (with 200.26) in last year’s Australia Match.

Despite trying to keep his head down, he has found himself in the role of Chairman of the English XX Club, and was Captain of the English team to South Africa in 2009. He now runs a shooting academy (among other things) at Ellesmere College and works for HPS TR Ltd. In what little spare time he has, he is studying for a Masters and enjoys fine wine, food and game shooting!