Nick Tremlett


  • Berkshire
  • England

Nick first learned to shoot at Bradfield, being attracted to a sport that involved lying down. An Atheling in 1976, he spent 6 years at Cambridge, and made the first of his 10 GB teams to date in 1983. This is his 5th tour to Australia, but only his second with a target rifle team (his first being in 1994). The other three times (1997, 2004 and 2010), he was part of the GB match rifle team, a discipline at which he excels, having won the Hopton 5 times and being the current captain of the English VIII.

He has also had some success with a target rifle. He has 39 ‘Big 5’ appearances for England and Great Britain so far, including 2 Palma matches, and won Her Majesty the Queen’s Prize in 2009.

Nick works in a large veterinary practice, which, by pure chance, is only a short distance from Bisley. This, and his demonstrated success in long range ballistics with a match rifle, led the team to look to him for advice on the design of the ammo being used throughout the tour.