James Watson


  • Northants, Leics & Rutland
  • England

James is the team’s Adjutant, and has meaningful experience in working with the Captain as he performed the same role for his GB tour to Canada and the USA in 2004 and was Vice-Captain on the England team to the USA in 2008.

James started shooting at Uppingham School and progressed to full international honours via the Athelings and the GB under 25 team. This is his 7th GB tour, and his second to Australia as his first tour was to Perth in 2001. He was a member of the winning Palma team in 2007 and has shot for GB in the Kolapore. He has also made 5 appearances for England in the National Match and 4 in the Mackinnon. 

As an individual, he has had a number of successes at Bisley and elsewhere, including winning the Belt Series in New Zealand in 2010.

James is a Trustee of the NRA and Chairman of its Membership Committee. In his free time, he enjoys travelling (particularly to the USA where he lived for five years), shooting game, skiing and scuba diving. To afford all these trips, he works at SAP selling business software to the financial services industry.