GBRT Canada 2013


Diary 21st August

The drive to the range each morning can get a little dull, as any shooter in Ottawa will know. However, bus 4 had been having a debate about how powerful the Ford Flex’s engine really was, and whether or not an automatic would be able to get anywhere near the red line on revs. So they called upon the skills of their nominated driver, who just so happened to have been an RAF Vulcan pilot…and in case you were wondering: yes – the red line can be reached. Quite handy for hitting a gap in the morning rush hour traffic too.

While yesterday was the equivalent of the Queen’s I, today was the President’s competition – basically Queen’s II for all competitors. GB had another excellent start to the day with a windless 300m shoot bringing some very high scores, and a 50.10 for Mr Haley. As the day wore on, Mother Nature opened up the vents and things got a bit windy, in time for the 800m Gibson after lunchtime. Despite this, a few people got high 50s, doing their Grand Aggregates no harm at all. An even more select few managed to go the entire day without dropping any points, and we even have 3 GB shooters in a tie for first place of the President’s, along with Canadian Pat Vamplew, tied on 150.19: Jeremy Tuck, Steph Ward and Dom de Vere. Quite outstanding shooting chaps, just make sure that one of you bring back the silver would you?

At the end of the day, Mick Silver had a tie shoot for the Letson. Most of the team had had to leave the range to make preparations for the evening, but were thrilled when Captain Chris returned with Mick announcing that he had won. Very many congratulations Mick!

The most anticipated event of the DCRA meeting was to take place on this warm and windy night, namely the GB team Pimm’s reception. A crack team of drinks enthusiasts, and Henryk, were tasked with the shopping, setup and distribution of a wide variety of drinks and snacks for the evening. Roo even managed to obtain the Canada Match trophy from which to serve the Pimm’s – a bit of silver polish never hurt anyone did it? Just ask Mick. The elite band of hydration experts departed for Connaught earlier than the rest of the team, who followed a bit later in a mish-mash of buses. Bus 5 had a very exciting drive over to the range, blasting out Pink Floyd, debating their best track and coming out with the quote of the day, Trem’s admission that he found it “disappointing that nobody has been caught speeding yet”. Let’s keep the Chief Coach away from the driver’s seat shall we?

Those familiar with Connaught camp will know that random military hardware is on display around the facility, including helicopters, jeeps, tanks, naval artillery and in the inimitable words of DC: “ Oooh a fighter jet! Yesss!” Richard performed his worst parking on tour so far, before the entire team assembled on the steps of the DCRA for our formal photograph; led by Dom, acting like one of the Chuckle brothers. After a quick costume change by Steph (having to put on some inch-thick black tights/wetsuit trousers to protect against more mosquito bites) we were ready to greet our guests, the fellow competitors and range staff. By the end of the evening the team ensured that Ottawa is now completely void of any trace of Pimm’s, cheese on sticks or crisps.

After the clear up, the range officers insisting on dragging some of the team out to ride a mechanical bull in Kanata. But with the match tomorrow, only a few succumbed to their charms, and even they were tucked up in bed by a sensible(ish) hour.

Tomorrow afternoon Great Britain has their first team match on tour – the Outlander, which is a 2 and 15 at 600yds and 900m. The team is as follows:

Captain Fitzpatrick
Adjutant Ball
Main Coach Tremlett
Target Coaches Calvert Underwood
Shooters Deane Haley
Tuck Golaszewski
Borland de Vere
Silver Dix
Reserves Hockley Jeens